Valparaíso V #gentedesudamerica

“You know why it’s called Cerro Alegre [Happy Hill]?  That’s where they put the first whore house.”


more Valparaíso

Nearly one week has passed us by in this amazing city.  We had to give up our top floor apartment when our Swedish friends left town.  It was sad to move down into the actual hostel, but it’s still a fun space (seriously, there’s a trapeze).  Here are some more photos from the last few days.

These birds are all over the city.

Our awesome and short-lived apartment.

Some great mosaic seats. We’re loving the mosaic artwork all over the city, and definitely want to incorporate this into our house (that we might build some day).

Our “fun” hostel interior (trapeze, spiral staircase).

We took a little harbor tour!

There are some old sailboats in town. Our harbor guide told us they were being sailed by Navy graduates, circling south America. You can see the ships from Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela here.

cerro polanco, valparaíso

There was a graffiti festival in the Cerro Polanco neighborhood in 2012.  We went over there today to check out the murals, and take a ride on one of the most unique ascensores in Valparaíso.

We met up with Michael again in Valpo!

The Ascensor Polanco starts with a horizontal tunnel into the hillside, for about 150 meters.  Then you ride an elevator vertically a distance of 60 meters, before exiting three stories above the ground surface, on the top of a tower.  A ~40 meter bridge connects the tower to the ground.  This graphic probably explains things a little more clearly…

The entrance to the Ascensor Polanco tunnel.

The Ascensor Polanco tower and connecting bridge.

Looking (south) over Valparaiso from the top of the Ascensor Polanco.

colorful valpo

I want to share this city with you!  Maybe these photos will give you an idea how special this place is.

Erik, Sheena and Lisa walk near Cerro Alegre. The city has many hidden paths and stairways that can only be accessed on foot.

This stuff is on (almost) every surface. Some are beautiful and some are provocative.