South America Travel Guides

Introducing Travel Guides! We’re using these guides as a way to organize all the information contained in the blog, hopefully making it more useful to fellow travelers. These guides won’t contain links to all of the posts, so please use the search bar and tags to focus more closely. Thank you. -The Wongenbergs


Bolivia – two countries in one! Explore the surreal landscapes in the Andes and come down to the lowlands for the charm and hotter weather.


Argentina is a huge country with a lot to offer – wild, beautiful country in the far north, spectacular scenery in Patagonia and the Lakes District, and great food and a true metropolitan vibe in Buenos Aires.


Don’t miss out on experiencing the famous Colombian friendliness while exploring some truly amazing cities, beautiful beaches, with no shortage of adventure.


Volcanoes, jungle, coast and the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador has it all in a small package. You can see a lot in a short amount of time, but this country really packs it in, so give yourself an extra week, or month, if you can.


Get lost in ancient civilizations, explore huge mountains, and spend time in arid canyons in this incredible country.


Mountains and ocean in every climate. Explore dramatic landscapes in ever changing geography in this amazing, modern country.


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