On the merits of repeat travel

sheena and i hike to observation point in Zion NP - didn't do that when i was 12!

sheena and i hike to observation point in Zion NP – didn’t do that when i was 12!

I’m a big fan of repeat travel.  I took a road trip through Utah as a kid, visiting many of the national parks, and then nearly repeated it a few years ago with Sheena.  The biggest difference between the two trips was my age.  I remembered qualifying for Junior Ranger badges, and getting snack breaks during our 8 hour car rides (regularly scheduled at 10am and 3pm).  I didn’t remember much else… The second time around I enjoyed the hiking, the extreme landscape, and I noticed all of those German families driving their Cruise America RV rentals.  I got something new out of the trip, and I don’t feel like it was a detriment to do something I’d already “done.”

Sheena and I now embark on a trip, parts of which I have already done.  I have already hiked in southern Patagonia, but how lucky to get to do it for a second time?  And now, to do it with someone I care so much about.  It will certainly add a new flavor.

Traveling as a checklist is sometimes baffling to me.  The more you travel, the more your list grows.  It becomes impossible to complete.  I want to go back to all of those towns I’ve already seen, simply because I didn’t spend enough time there.  How much time is enough?  Maybe we’ll find that out on this trip, but most likely not.


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