first impressions from Chiloé

We changed scenery yesterday by catching a flight from Patagonia up to the Lakes District.  This moved us approximately 1/3rd of the way up Chile.  Everything is so green!  I see a lot of farmland and evergreen trees.  Many of the buildings are constructed from wood.  Water surrounds us.  We flew over Chiloé island last night, before landing in Puerto Montt.  From the air it reminded me a lot of the Puget Sound.

Detail of Castro house siding

We took a bus to Castro today, the largest city on Chiloé.  It sits in a bay on the east side of the island, protected from the pacific and surrounded by smaller islands.  I’m looking forward to exploring these over the next few days.

Castro Church interior roof

The sun was out today and it was warm!  What a welcome change.  After a typical Chilean lunch (I had the grilled chicken with rice, Sheena had the buttered rake-fish with potato salad), we grabbed some ice cream and joined everyone else in the central plaza.  There was a nice late-summer vibe.

I asked this mom if I could photograph her family. They seemed to embody the mood of the whole plaza. This was certainly difficult to explain in Spanish… but I think she was flattered.


One thought on “first impressions from Chiloé

  1. Esteban…be sure to see the Saltos de Laja…Frutillar…Osorno..etc. the Saltos are favorite place to visit…if you get as far as Villarica and Temuco say hi for me as that was my old stomping grounds…Housemom Sallie

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