Cuenca – a new favorite!

We have a list of our most favorite cities so far, and it goes something like this (not in order):

  • Valparaiso, Chile
  • Arequipa, Peru
  • Ollantaytambo, Peru
  • Cuenca, Ecuador

This city seems to have it all: a great central market, beautiful parks, gorgeous colonial architecture, an agreeable climate.  Sheena says it’s the kind of place she could imagine living.  If only we had some volunteer position here!

Our guidebook states that this city has a growing ex-pat population.  After Vilcabamba, maybe this made us a little bit nervous… but Cuenca is so much larger (around 300,000 people), and the smattering of ex-pats seem to stick to certain areas.  It’s hardly something I would mention, but I guess I can’t blame people for wanting to move here.

With the exception of a day trip to Ingapirka (Ecuador’s most important Inca ruin), we haven’t been up to a whole lot the past few days.  Long walks through the city, sitting on park benches, checking World Cup scores by peeking into shop windows… these activities are filling our days here.  Oh, and we bought tickets to the Galapagos (!!!!!!!!!!!!).