Lake Titicaca

It was a tough decision whether or not to go to Isla del Sol, on Lake Titicaca. The weather seemed to be mostly bad. We watched some rain storms from our luxurious accommodation in Copacabana, and then heard them continue on the windows for most of the night. Would we really decide to get on a boat in the morning and head for the north end of the island? Where we would then risk hiking 4 hours back to the south end to stay the night – in questionable rain gear (one year of travel has really put a dent in the waterproof-ness of our jackets)? Well, the answer had to be yes.

Riding straight into the storm

After leaving the south port of the island, the captain asked everyone riding on top of the boat to get down below, as he was pretty sure it would start raining. Sure enough, less than 5 minutes after restarting our journey it started to come down hard. We disembarked in Challapampa, and ran for cover in a crowded restaurant. The general chatter was concerning the weather, and when the next boat left to return to the south port… Luckily, after about 30 minutes, the skies started to clear. Another 30 minutes of hiking and we were stunned at our change in fortune – blue skies and beautiful clouds.

The sky starts to clear in Challapampa

At the halfway point on Isla del Sol

Nevado Illampu in the Cordillera Real shows itself from our hostel in Yumani

The sunset from Las Velas – one of the best pizzas we’ve had in South America

Moonrise over Lake Titicaca


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