Freezing in La Paz

Things haven’t improved a lot since we arrived in La Paz. For one, the weather has been horrible – raining and cold. And the altitude has just been kicking ass against Sheena and I – sigh, what’s new? But during those rare times when we felt healthy enough to go for a walk, and it wasn’t coming down in buckets, La Paz has impressed me (can’t say if Sheena feels the same). The way the city has been constructed, cascading down canyon walls, is hard to comprehend. The very new, and very popular cable car system has been a nice way to get above the rooftops and see the cityscape. It’s a place I imagine that I would enjoy quite a bit, if it was slightly lower in elevation and a little bit warmer.

La Paz, El Alto, Progress Connects Us – The north cable car line

Urban jumble

“Decide if pregnancy motherhood is an option in your life, and when you do it, that it’s your right. Decide to protect yourself, and decide how you do it as well.”

Those wheelbarrows are full of food – food that I’m not willing to try

In South America there is a store for everything

Our more commonly occupied space


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