The Gran (Cocha)Bambino

People from Cochabamba are called cochabambinos, which I find hilarious as it reminds me of The Sand Lot. They’re lucky enough to live in a great city – one of those medium sized South American cities that not too many backpackers visit. It reminds me of Manizales, Colombia, or maybe Salta, Argentina. Perhaps that’s just the cable car talking though… I still can’t believe how popular these things are down here.

Always nice clouds at elevation

We’re back up at elevation, having climbed about 2,000 meters in one of the shortest flights imaginable. I mean, I guess all they really had to do was reach cruising altitude and then land the thing – which they did pretty haphazardly. We had enough time to chug our drink and eat our cookies before returning everything to their upright position.

The Cristo de la Concordia is larger than Rio’s, but why isn’t it as famous?

This stop is really just to gather our high altitude legs, before heading further north to La Paz. With 11 months under our belts, it’s hard to believe everything is ending (relatively) soon – my Calendar’s four week look-ahead shows California, USA. But it’s not done yet and we’re feeling very happy that we’re within sight of familiar territory (Arequipa, Peru is only 20 hours by bus; Arica, Chile only 10 hours). Here’s looking forward to the fresh juices and papa rellenas in Arequipa’s central market!


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