Fun times ahead

We’re leaving today to cross the border into Bolivia, which is both exciting and a bit nerve-wracking at the same time. Bolivia is one of the least-developed countries in South America, and although it’s quite safe, things might not be as comfortable as Argentina. With that on my mind, I’ve been mentally comparing what Argentina has been like and what Bolivia might be like.

What I’ll miss about Argentina:
-Good cheese
-Good showers
-Eating salad, or any raw fruit/vegetable without worrying about traveler’s diarrhea
-Not having to bargain
-Grass-fed, free range beef
-Getting candy instead of change since nobody has $1 peso coins

What I won’t miss about Argentina:
-Disgustingly old peso bills that even most Argentines disdain, saying they wouldn’t even use them for toilet paper (and neither would I!)
-Long bus rides
-Having to exchange money on the blue dollar market (so stressful and time-consuming)
-The accent (they use a “sh” sound instead of “y” sounds; e.g. sho soy, esha es for yo soy, ella es
-Incredibly long siesta hours (I like everything to be open all the time)
-Late hours (wandering around at 7pm, starving, when no restaurant opens for another hour or more)
-Hard, dry pastries called tortillas, and white bread only for breakfast

What I’m not looking forward to in Bolivia (i.e. The Andes):
-Endless panpipe music (every song sounds exactly the same!!!)
-Being constantly at elevation (not a fan of headaches, shortness of breath, freezing cold nights, and constipation, surprisingly)
-Electric showers (I shiver in anticipation, and not in a good way)
-No toilet seats (yep, SEATS), soap, toilet paper, or a combination of all three, in bathrooms
-Wool blankets that make you feel like you’re suffocating under several of those lead vests they use in dentists’ offices
-Brushing teeth without tap water (so annoying after awhile)


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