Road Trip, Part 3

The third day of our road trip took us from Cafayate, up Ruta 40 to Cachi. We passed through the beautiful Quebrada de las Flechas (Arrows Gorge), and had harsh blue skies above for most of the day. The driving was harder, as most of this section is gravel road.

Good morning pretty girl – Quebrada de las Flechas

Quebrada de las Flechas

One of the highlights on day three was our detour to Bodega Colomé, about 20 km outside of Molinos. I became really interested in the artist James Turrell before this trip, and happened to see that here in Salta province there is a museum dedicated solely to his work. It’s the only museum like this in the world – usually his installations are temporarily placed in museums, or built into buildings. And it’s surprising because this is a pretty difficult place to get to.

Unfortunately, we weren’t permitted to take cameras into the spaces. I’m not even sure how I would have photographed most of them. James Turrell is a light artist, and his works play with perception and color. One of the exhibits was a massive, blue-lit box of a room, where it wasn’t apparent how the room ended. Was it a wall? A trick of the lights? There was nothing to focus on but this solid field of color. A surreal experience.

This color room is similar to the one we saw in Colomé

James Turrell Museum – Bodega Colomé


2 thoughts on “Road Trip, Part 3

  1. I like the pictures showing the special effects of lights which leave us enormous imagination space. Maybe that is the magic and attractive part in arts. Thanks for sharing theses.

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