I’ve discovered the torrontés varietal, and for the first time ever I’m really enjoying white wine. We’ve spent a few days here and haven’t done much more than tour the closest wineries and rent some bikes for a surprisingly difficult ride up to the Rio Colorado canyon. The hot days are chased away by windy afternoons and cooler evenings. It’s a nice place to be.

Riding bikes between vineyards

A desert hike

On our second day in Cafayate, we ran into Sarah and Henry, an English couple that we met very briefly in Frutillar, Chile. They arrived the night before we left that work-exchange, but they lived on famously in our memory because they convinced us that the Galapagos could be done cheaply, and they’re a major reason that we visited. It was surreal to accidentally see them again, 8 months later, touring the same free winery that we chose that morning. Besides the incredible time that had passed, it was also surprising to see them again as they had already been traveling for a year and a half when we met them the first time. In our minds (probably not theirs), we just weren’t going to see them again as they would probably have gone home… Meeting a couple that has traveled for longer than 2 years continuously really puts our trip in perspective.


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