Buenos Aires – To Ease the Homesickness

Buenos Aires is often called the “Paris of South America”, and after being here for a little more than a week, I can say that is has felt more like “home” than any other city we’ve been in since we started this trip. We just bought our return tickets back to the States, and so I’ve been looking at our BA stop as a kind of travel-reprieve before we get on with things and head through Uruguay, Northern Argentina, and Bolivia before finally returning home in January.

A beautiful city, with colonial architecture in more buildings than you’d think. Buenos Aires is one of the first large cities in South America we’ve visited that hasn’t at some point been completely destroyed by an earthquake.

Our hostel is a quiet place in the Boedo neighborhood–just two block from two subway lines, which makes it incredibly easy to get around the city. There are, of course, exotic things about BA–their strange Spanish accent (they use an “sh” sound for a “y” sound–for the word yo, they pronounce it sho), dancing the tango, drinking maté… but I think I like BA because it reminds me of home so much.

Divide by 8.5. Wine for days.

Here, I’ve been able to take a ballet class, which strikes me as something akin to going to Mass–it’s always the same, no matter where in the world you are. This is lucky, since the retired ballet teacher in her 60s didn’t speak any English. But ballet moves are always in French–the universal language for classical dance–and the only trouble I had was with trying to get my muscles to do things they haven’t done in months.

We’ve found dim sum in the Barrio Chino, as well as some much-missed Asian foods. There’s McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway. Good wine is readily available. I found an area in Barrio Villa Crespo that had lots of yarn shops, so I decided to indulge there as well. In fact, our whole stay in BA has really been about indulging… we’ve only three more months of traveling and tempers have been starting to fray. It would be great to recharge our batteries on good food and home comforts before we go off again.

Siu mai, loh bac go, and xiao long bao with some chrysanthemum tea to wash it all down.

So we’ll spend a lot of money on seeing a professional tango show, we’ll eat at a nice Italian restaurant, and we’ll drink wine and cider. I keep thinking to myself, “What would I do if I went back to Seattle for a week?” And it’s been surprisingly easy to do all of it.


One thought on “Buenos Aires – To Ease the Homesickness

  1. glad you were able to find some Asian foods! the loh bac go looks a bit different, but it also all looks pretty delicious also!

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