These are a few of my favorite (Argentine) things

Raindrops on alfajores and fernet & cola
Bright malbec wines and warm fugazzeta pizza
Brown media lunes tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

I think the only feeling that compares with coming back to Buenos Aires is when, during the first couple years after I graduated, I would head back to the University of Idaho campus for a weekend. I had my favorite spots and almost from the first moment I arrived it was nothing but fun and nostalgia. It’s a welcome feeling after staying in countless cities, having to ‘figure out’ each one in succession, to arrive here.

The first couple days have been a blur, mostly fueled by those delicious items I mentioned above. We went back to my old neighborhood (the infamous Once) and I shared some of my old haunts with Sheena. She got to see those Jewish families walking down the sidewalk in formal dress, walk into the china grocery store I used to frequent, cheek-kiss Lio from Pizza Papá, and listen to the ridiculous things we used to do. I took her to the Hippie Fair in the Plaza Francia, and then the antique market in San Telmo – some of my favorite places.

Sleeping cats in Recoleta Cemetery

San Telmo antique market


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