(photos from) Bogota

The sun does exist here! We hiked up Monserrate this weekend, ignoring the advice to avoid that place on a holiday weekend, because the sun was so inviting. The crowds definitely made it less enjoyable, but we couldn’t resist.

Since the Museum of Gold was free on Sundays, we thought, why not do that too? Of course the rest of the city thought the same. We wandered through the crowded rooms and laughed at the tourists taking photos of every signal item. Just to prove we were there, I took this one photo.

Needing a day trip for Monday, we headed for Zipaquirá to check out the famed Salt Cathedral. It was a bit of a trek to get out there. We had to catch a Transmilenio bus first, to reach the north end of the city. Unfortunately for us, we were told to catch the B1 which stopped at every single stop.. 45 minutes later we were transferring to a mini-bus and heading out of the city. While Bogotá remained sunny in our absence, we dealt with near constant rain during the whole excursion. This, combined with the expensive entrance fee ($23,000 COP each), and we started wondering if all the effort was worth it. At least we caught the correct Transmilenio bus on the way back…

We’re still very much enjoying this city. Our hostel is so pleasant and full of nice people. It’s hard to believe that in a few days we’ll be thousands of miles south of here, in a city even bigger than this one.

The view from our hostel room window


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