Finding good vibrations in Santa Marta

It was with a sigh of relief that we arrived in Santa Marta. Our hostel looked exactly like the photos on TripAdvisor, and we desperately needed to be staying some place nice. Private rooms are really expensive on the Caribbean coast, so we’ve been staying in dormitories – something we don’t do too often. The nice thing about being stuck in an 8-bed room is that you’re eventually forced to talk with the other travelers, and they usually turn out to be nice =) We’ve met a super pleasant group of people from England, Spain and the USA, and it’s generally just been a really good time since we arrived.

Getsemani neighborhood, Cartagena – maybe we’ll see you again some day.

Thankfully, the climate seems to be a little more tolerable here too. It’s still plenty hot and humid every day, but there’s enough wind to keep the air from getting too heavy and oppressive.

Bahia Concha – Tayrona National Park

On the way back from the beach we ran out of fuel… A moto driver saved the day by bringing fuel from town. The driver had to use a bottle on the side of the road, and another person’s machete to complete the MacGuyver move.

While the center of Santa Marta isn’t unattractive, the sprawling remainder of the city will never gain a reputation as a nice place to live. Still, we’ve really liked being here. What Santa Marta has going for it is location. It’s close to many beaches, including those within the Tayrona National Park – a popular destination for backpackers and Colombians alike.

Santa Marta old town


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