The northern highlands of Ecuador

Colonial Quito from the Basilica

We got off on the wrong foot in Quito.  Our outdated guidebook didn’t inform us that there was a brand new airport, located way out of town.  A $20, 90 minute journey to arrive at our hostel meant we weren’t allowed into the grocery store, as it was closing… the following day we dropped by the SAE Clubhouse to pick up a care-package sent by Sheena’s friends.  The excitement of that excursion was briefly dampened by the cranky old man running the place.  We were happy we made the decision to not stay there.

Finally got a black and white filter to function. A decidedly un-colonial building in colonial Quito.

Our hostel, La Casona de Mario, was definitely a highlight of our time in Quito.  It might have been the best kitchen we’ve had yet!  The climate has changed dramatically since we were in the Galapagos.  It’s still really sunny during the daylight hours, and pretty warm (mid-70’s), but the cold comes once the sun goes down.  It’s back to layers of heavy wool blankets at night, which means arguing about who’s stealing the covers more =)

Lovely afternoons looking out La Casona de Mario from our bedroom

We’re currently at a farm outside of Cotacachi, about two hours north of Quito.  We signed up for another Work-Away, and will be up here for the next two weeks.  It’s a full house with lots of other volunteers, mostly from Europe.  The host family is nice, and the food has been great so far.  Their 6 dogs, 3 cats and 9-month old child also keep us pretty entertained.

Not a bad view – Volcan Imbabura from our farm


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