how we got to Machu Picchu (in 7 photos)

Reaching Machu Picchu wasn’t easy.  Our Salkantay trek was more of a mixed-bag than we had hoped for, but there were still some great things seen along the way.  Sheena provided the gory details, so here are some pretty pictures for your enjoyment.

A stunning, full moon night in Soray Pampa.  It was cold, cold, cold.  We shared a twin-size bed to take advantage of body heat.

Exhausted, but not even half way to the Salktantay Pass on Day 2. The weather doesn’t get any better than this, and we enjoy the beautiful view back down the valley.

Over the pass on Day 2, and a break in the fog/rain allows us to enjoy our packed lunch.

Leaving Challuay on Day 3. The weather pretty much stayed just like this for the entire walk down to La Playa.

Looking up at Machu Picchu Mountain, from the railroad track, shortly outside of the Hidroelectrico site on the morning of Day 4.

Taken from the Machu Picchu site on the morning of Day 5. We were on our way to the Machu Picchu Mountain entrance gate.

After two hours of climbing old Incan stairs, we arrive at the summit of MP Mountain, about 1000 meters above the river. From this height you can really appreciate how hard it was for them to build this city, and what a stunning location it is.


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