Arequipa, Peru

Here we are in Arequipa, Perú, the White City (so nicknamed for the sillar stone used for most of the colonial buildings, and mined from nearby volcanoes).  We had an amazing last couple months working our way up the Andes in Chile and Argentina, but it feels pretty good to be in Perú.  We’ve already noticed the lodging and food prices drop dramatically, and buses are quite a bit cheaper too.  Of course, we’ve also been warned to keep an extra eye on our belongings, as theft is much more prevalent up here…

An interior courtyard at the Santa Catalina Monastery.  This place was closed to the public and occupied by nuns for nearly 400 years.  After repairs were made to damage sustained during an earthquake, it was finally opened up in the 1970’s.  Nuns still live in a newer section of the complex.

Santa Catalina Monastery

Volcanoes Pikchu Pikchu and Misti over Arequipa.

The beautiful, and busy Plaza de Armas.


2 thoughts on “Arequipa, Peru

  1. Sheena, you look so fresh & perky…not at all what I expected. The altitude sickness I can relate to as Craig can possibly tell you about my “life flight” out of Purgatory, CO to the Durango trauma hospital. I was only at 9,500 ‘ I learned that some people never adjust to altitudes…

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