What is the USA?

I’ve been talking about the United States a lot lately.  It’s very difficult to explain how such a big, diverse country works.  An important difference seems to be that we have states, and in some ways, our states are similar to other people’s countries.  In other ways (foreign policy for example), our states are different since we’re only one voice out of many (and we have the federal government).  It’s a different model for a country than most European’s are used to.  I’ve enjoyed thinking about it, discussing it, and honestly, trying to refine my own opinion about my country.

People often assert that Americans are this way, or that way.  I have to try to explain that we are all ways.. I found a great article here.  This seems to hit home for me.  A population density map seems to help explain things too (found here).

I’m positive that I will continue to think about my own United States-ian-ness (estadounidense in Spanish, because we are all Americans) while traveling, so I’m going to put all of these posts under a common category – The View from Here.


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