Bus Story #1


This is a random picture of the hostel cat in Bariloche. She had nothing to do with what this post is about, but she was sooooo cute!!

Craig forgot to mention that when we went up to Cerro Otto, we lost our bus passes but didn’t realize it until we got on the bus back into town after our hike.

We stood there awkwardly as the bus continued on its route, patting and searching all of our pockets in a panic. We hadn’t brought any money with us, since we heard there was a possibility of punk kids lying in wait to rob hikers on the empty trail (that’s why we’re carrying big sticks in the pictures).

“I think we lost our passes,” said Craig to the driver.

“Ask one of the other passengers for the fare,” he replied.

Errr! Even though it was only 9 pesos, barely more than $1 US, I had my doubts about this suggestion. In Seattle, there are two outcomes if you get on the bus and can’t pay: 1) The driver kicks you off and 2) the driver is nice and just lets it slide. I suppose there is the possibility of a third option–another passenger paying for you, but this is totally far-fetched in my mind. You also can’t actually pay for more than one person’s fare with our metro system’s bus card. The whole system is not built for that kind of generosity.

But within seconds of Craig looking around at the crowded bus, a woman pulled her card out and offered it to us. Remarkable.


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