san carlos de bariloche

While in El Bolsón we found ourselves really missing this relaxed, small hostel in Bariloche.  So we decided to take the owner up on his offer and come back for a week to volunteer!  It has been passing by in a blur.  Bariloche is a great city in a fantastic location.  There are lot of treks to do nearby, and until today, the weather has been perfect.  The environment in the hostel is really laid back, and the shifts are easy.  Our fellow volunteers are fun people.  It’s the kind of place that has the potential to trap a traveler…

Sheena checks out Lago Nahuel Huapi from Cerro Otto


Tronador (3,470 m), from Cerro Catedral


Siloah on top of Cerro Catedral


We have watched way too many X-men movies here… Did you know there are 6?!


Jordan works the morning shift.  It looks pretty tough, right?


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