el bolsón, argentina

I just finished up a yoga session… haha, it didn’t go too well!  Something to do with me being inflexible, or maybe that I just got back from a three-day hike…  I’m writing from El Bolsón in the Argentinian lakes region, about two hours south of Bariloche, and six hours east of Frutillar, Chile.  This place attracted a ton of hippies in the 70’s,  so it’s appropriate that our hostel has free yoga and homemade beer & bread.

lenga forest

Sheena and I arrived four days ago, spending one night in town to gear up for our trek.  We did a pretty short hike (~35 km) in the mountains just outside of town, staying two nights in refugios.  I know what you’re thinking, didn’t I talk a lot of crap about people who stay in refugios??  Well, my lame excuse is that it’s about 32 deg F at night around here now… and the refugios were meant to be mostly empty, so we thought it was a good way to keep backpacking.

on the way up to Refugio Hielo Azul

On our first day we met an Argentinian couple from Buenos Aires.  After talking with them for about 3 minutes, they offered us a place to stay when we visit.  Then we found out they are acrobats in the circus!  (maybe these two things have something in common…) They were heading to the same refugio for a birthday party for one of the guys running the place.  Their friends were riding up with a lamb for the BBQ.  So much for our quiet evening.. but we made friends while they grilled and we ate pasta.  We were offered lots of Fernet & Cola, and wine.  And the refugio was HOT!  Two wood burning stoves transformed the sleeping area (upstairs) into a sauna.  I slept without a shirt, on top of my sleeping bag.

Refugio Hielo Azul

near the Cajon de Azul


One thought on “el bolsón, argentina

  1. Fernet at Coke! You got me drinking that years ago in college. Looks like fun and that river picture is amazing.

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