how frutillar got its name

“A long time ago Lago Llanquihue was home to a bunch of nymphs. One of these nymphs was named Frutilla (strawberry), and she was very beautiful. An Ogre living in a nearby mountain fell hard for Frutilla and decided that she would be his. One day, the Ogre stole Frutilla against her will, to make her his wife, but somehow she managed to escape. Unfortunately, upon reaching the lake shore, she was squashed by a giant bolder, flung down the mountain by the Ogre. The town of Frutillar is located here, with the boulder at its center.”

As told by Ricardo Strauch


One thought on “how frutillar got its name

  1. I heard Disney will be making an movie with animated characters about the life of Frutilla. They will change the ending to give it a GA rating.

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