Dear Angry Old Australian Man Sitting Behind Me On the Bus:

I know you’re not happy that I’ve reclined my seatback. Your repeated exclamations of “This is really hard on my knees!” have been heard. I would offer to switch you seats but the person in front of ME has their seat reclined even further, so I’m not sure that would help you much.

It must be difficult to travel at your advanced age. I’m sure it’s frustrating to have a young whippersnapper like myself disrespect you enough to try and sleep while you’re sitting behind her. It’s possible you expect people to bend to your whims just because you are older. Might I suggest, next time you attempt to undertake a 6-hour journey by bus, to instead consider one of these other options?

-rent a car
-ask for a handicapped seat
-ask your wife to switch seats with you so that you’re not in the window seat

Any of these would be better than whinging constantly, punching my seatback in anger, and then saying loudly “Finally!” when the ride is over and I’ve put my seat back to its original position. For the sake of all fellow future bus passengers, it would be greatly appreciated if you gave serious thought to these suggestions.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Dear Angry Old Australian Man Sitting Behind Me On the Bus:

  1. This was such a positive way….to express your thoughts about that bus ride. I can only imagine the frustration you must have had with that man for those six hours. Hooray for writing it !

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