hola desde santiago de chile

sheena at cerro santa lucia

sheena at cerro santa lucia

Greetings from Santiago de Chile!  We mostly spent our first 24 hours in the county sleeping… trying to get over that marathon flight from LAX, but we still managed to find the Super Bowl at an Irish pub last night!  How great was that!  All smiles down here as we look at the pictures from last night’s mayhem.  Sheena says Facebook is pretty quiet… everyone hung-over up there?!

We’re staying at a comfortable and friendly hostel in the Providencia neighborhood.  We took a nice walk around the city today, visiting Cerro Santa Lucia.  This is what I had remembered most from my previous visit; steep stone steps lead you up to a castle-like lookout where we could barely make out the Andes.  Maybe there is more smog here in the summer than I had thought?  The city has a lot of park space along the Rio Mapocho (mostly a dirty canal at the moment).  It was full of families, couples engaged in PDA, and people selling sweets and popsicles.  The city seems to have more trash cans than Seattle, but litter is always present.  Something I had forgotten about south America…

I’m finding that my Spanish isn’t in terrible shape.  Sometimes, especially with cab drivers and street vendors, Sheena and I are both totally at a loss.  When the first person you speak to is a cab driver, you tend to question the state of your language skills.


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