the pack list is out!

Allright guys… the long-awaited, super informational, totally awesome post about what I’ve packed is finally here. Craig took some of his own pictures of his stuff and maybe he’ll post something about it… maybe not. But here is MINE. Because it took me forever to decide what to bring. Ooof.



First comes the toiletries… One of the hardest parts of this whole packing endeavor was trying to figure out what to do with my eyes. I’m extremely near-sighted, (I blame those long hours after bedtime, surreptitiously reading by the night-light. That, and my hatred of carrots.) so it’s kind of an issue trying to figure out what to do with contacts. If only I’d been far-sighted (is that a pun?) enough to have thought of doing lasix surgery last year…

Beyond the usual stuff of soap, shampoo, etc., some of the more interesting things I’ve brought are:

1. Mia cup (Craig hates it when I talk about this… but it’s amazing).
2. This weird, crystal deodorant… it’s not an anti-perspirant, but it might work to control odor. Maybe. This remains to be determined.
3. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. Apparently it’s the holy grail of traveling soap.
4. A universal plug for washing our own clothes (Craig has the clothesline).
5. Resistance band to work my weak ankle.


This is my camping stuff. I carry half of the tent (the parts that don’t take up as much room–the poles, stakes, and footprint). Other than that, it’s pretty standard stuff… we’ve got our headnets still from the PCT hike we did last summer, and I bought a little magic shammy towel. We also bought some pillholder things, but put spices in them. And of course, can’t go backpacking without my trusty spade. Doing your business outdoors is unpleasant enough without having to spend ages digging an 8-inch-deep hole with your boot.


The clothes! I brought:

-2 dresses
-2 long-sleeved backpacking shirts (that also have permethrin and SPF in them)
-1 light-weight sweater
-1 cardigan
-3 tops
-2 sleeping tank tops
-1 pair scrub pants
-1 pair shorts
-1 set long underwear
-1 pair jeggings
-1 pair rain pants
-1 pair hiking pants
-1 synthetic insulated jacket
-1 rain jacket


Underwear and accessories:

-3 pair hiking socks
-4 pair sock liners
-3 pair street socks
-1 pair mittens
-1 scarf
-3 pair quick-dry underwear
-1 swim suit
-2 handkerchiefs
-3 sports bras
-1 baseball cap
-1 backpacking hat/headband



The decision on shoes was made easy with these cute, but functional as shower slippers, Crocs. Hiking boots are obvious, since we’ll be doing trekking, but sneakers are also nice for just getting around town.


Some miscellaneous stuff in my purse… The flash-18 I packed in my check-in. And my fan… very important in hot climates.



-ipod touch
-mini speaker


More backpacking stuff, of which the only thing you should really care about is the P-STYLE!!! (Also something Craig hates hearing me talk about.) This thing is seriously amazing. Maybe if you’ve grown up camping and are accustomed to “popping a squat” (as Hannah says), then this will not appeal to you. But to ME, it seriously makes me so happy. I can pee standing up! I don’t have to find a super secret place to do it! And I can do it without taking my pack off, even! It’s great. I love it. End endorsement.


Here’s my sleeping bag…


And here it is compressed in a bag! This is why we decided to buy new down bags, actually… the space was definitely worth the price. Hopefully the bags are warm…


And here is everything that was going into my pack, all in their little stuff sacks (aside from that red bag at the bottom of the photo). Craig thinks I went overboard with the stuff sacks, but I think you can never have too many stuff sacks. Unless every item is in its own little stuff sack, maybe… hmm…. I have to ponder this now. Oh, and we brought some Irish Mist for those cold Patagonian nights. That stuff is delicious.


And here it ALL is… everything we’re bringing (except for the camera that I used to take this picture… and the clothes we were wearing). This is it! Our lives for the next year. Whew!


4 thoughts on “the pack list is out!

  1. Love dr bronners magic soap! Watch the documentary abt it when u get back. What did u actually do w contacts? Laughed at ur pun joke – far sighted! Hope the body wipes and towel come in handy!

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