for relaxing times… go to Riverside


With my best gals at the happiest place on earth.

It’s been really nice hanging out with my family in Southern California. I know I’m always making fun of Riverside and calling it the “Armpit of California”, but there are redeeming qualities. Not the least of which is that it’s really warm… 80 degrees in January?! No wonder they’re in the middle of a drought.

The other nice thing is that it’s just been a relief to take a break before we begin our real travels. We left Seattle on Saturday, but I had worked the Monday night before, so we were trying to pack and store everything in about 2.5 days, before we went to stay with Craig’s parents for a couple of nights. Those 2.5 days were intense! You never think you have as much stuff as you actually have. And we were getting rid of so much of it! So thank you to all of you who are holding onto some of our belongings… it really helps us out! Now if we can just remember where everything is when we get back…

When we finally got on the plane to come down to California, our bags were STUFFED! And I was so confident that we weren’t bringing much… so we’re trying to reconsider what we need to bring and what we don’t. I would like to have a little bit of leeway in my pack… I don’t want it to be totally stuffed to the gills all the time. We’re trying to consolidate. Getting rid of more clothes…

But don’t worry, all you anxious readers. Craig and I will definitely be taking pictures of all the things we’re bringing and we’ll give you a comprehensive list. I’d like to document it for posterity anyway, so we can see what we needed or didn’t need as time goes on. I’m hoping I don’t have to throw stuff away… and people are always saying it’s better to bring less than more, but my argument is, wouldn’t it be better to throw things away than to buy new things?? Decisions, decisions.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to just soak up the sun, visit old friends, go on Space Mountain twice (among other, wonderfully nostalgic things), and hang out with my friends, family, and my especially cute niece.

Oh right, and do my taxes. Uggghhhhh….


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