things I’ve made for the trip

So it’s my last shift of work starting at 7:00pm tonight. MY LAST ONE (at least for awhile)!! Huzzah!!

Since I couldn’t sleep from the excitement of it all, I decided to get up and take pictures of all the things I’ve made for this trip (and for previous backpacking trips as well). I’m not sure why I decide to make things as opposed to buying a bunch of stuff… I’ve always loved to knit, of course, but I think the other crafty side of me exists because 1) everything is exactly to my specifications, or as near to it as my skill allows… which sometimes isn’t much, 2) secretly, I wish I was the next Asian Martha Stewart (hopefully there’s not already one existing), and 3) Pinterest makes you think you can make a bunch of stuff yourself, with varying degrees of success…


This hat has a hole in it. Don’t worry, it’s on purpose so I can put my hair up. The pattern is called “Spirograph“.



I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this pouch… maybe to put my passport and other tickety things in? I used this tutorial from noodlehead. But I changed the size to match the length of my zipper, and I also think I should have topstitched the fabric to the zipper before the sewing around the perimeter step… the zipper catches on the fabric sometimes.


This wallet is small and flexible so that I can put it in my bra and hopefully it’s super inconspicuous. Although now I’m telling you about it and you know where my money is. Don’t pickpocket me, please (or would it be called pick-bra-ing?). Here’s the tutorial, from Soubelles.


I made a couple of headbands (tutorial here).



Some more zippered pouches, but out of ripstop nylon. For toiletries and stuff like that. I don’t think I used any specific tutorial, just kind of cobbled it together from things I’d seen and probably this book.


You can’t go backpacking without about 10 million stuff sacks. I used this video tutorial from SLOABN.


And then I slaved over these little lens cap/filter cozies for Craig. Yes, that is really a turtle on  a skateboard. Amazing!! I’m not sure why I haven’t made more things out of that material. Here’s the tutorial, from Polka Dot Chair.


I made these mittens a long time ago, but I kind of made them up as I went, so there’s no pattern to follow (if you even wanted to). I think they’ll be versatile since they’re convertible (including the thumbs!), not too bulky, and warm. I just have to remember not to machine wash my wool things.


I made this silverware cozy this past summer for backpacking. I’m afraid I’m too lazy to search for the tutorial that I found… I can’t even remember what I searched for. It definitely wasn’t “silverware cozy”, that’s for sure.


I’m allergic to mosquitos (large, painful welts that also ITCH), and I read somewhere that catnip oil was a great, natural mosquito repellent, so I bought some from Tenzing Momo, and also some peppermint, eucalyptus, and citronella oil from The Vajra. I then concocted this lotion bar (thank you, Pinterest… although maybe you’ll see this on PinterestFail later) from this tutorial on Wellness Mama. As you can see, I stuffed it into an old deodorant bar casing for easy application.


Likewise, I made these solid perfumes with the same essential oils… they’re lighter and maybe just as effective as the lotion bar? Anyway, another Pinterest find, and here are the links to the two tutorials I used, one from Etsy, and one from Design Sponge. I really hope these homemade bug repellents work… I kind of hate DEET, and nothing else I’ve tried has really been super effective.


Whew! That’s a lot of stuff. I don’t even know where I got the time to do it all… I made some of these things weeks to months ago. It’s a good thing I’ve been thinking about all this for awhile… otherwise I’d be going crazy right now trying to get it all done. As it is, I feel like I’ve done all I can do… and we’ll just hope it all won’t just go to waste and end up on PinterestFail!


2 thoughts on “things I’ve made for the trip

  1. Amazing Sheena! U always impress me!! Maybe u can make things while ur on ur trip using local and natural materials u find along the way!

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