The changes are starting

10001-N160-Northgate-LRRP 60pct-050613.indd

This is not my job anymore and that kind of makes me sad!

Today was my last day of work for the next year.  Wow, I feel like I should say that one more time.  No work… one whole year… I was giddy all day long.  I told the cashier at the bakery on the way home.  I chatted about it with the insurance company as I was cancelling my renter’s insurance.

Sheena and I compare stories of how people react, what people are saying to us, stories that people have shared about their own adventures.  Something about this trip makes people want to talk.  They want to help us out too!  So many people have connections with a country or a city in south America.  They have a relative who lives there, or a sibling who traveled there, or maybe their mother is Chilean.

I’m  feeling so grateful for all the friends and family in my life right now.  There has been an outpouring of support for what we’re about to do.  Though, it all tends to amplify this feeling of sadness that I’ve had for a week now.  It’s sad to leave a place that you are so familiar with and to say goodbye to everyone you know!  Getting ready for this trip is putting me through a pretty overwhelming range of emotions.


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