Pre-trip Question #4

How do you want look back at this trip when you’re older?  What will you tell people?

I think this trip is a grand adventure and I hope I can look back fondly.  Each trip I have taken offers something to discover about a new place and simultaneously provides an opportunity for self exploration.  I hope I will look back at this trip in the same way.  It is the biggest and most ambitious one yet, and I think it represents my idea of what is most important to me.  I’m leaving a job that I like quite a bit – no doubt a decision which will confuse a lot of people.  I’m putting career and money on the line for something that I think is more important.  I hope that when I look back at this trip from an older age, I will have no regrets and congratulate my younger self on the decisions that were made.

While I’m sure there will be a lot of specific stories from this trip, which I will most likely tell to my friends and family until they’re bored… mostly I will encourage other people to see the world at every opportunity presented to them!  I believe traveling forces you to look at the world, and at yourself, critically.  This is certainly something that has universal benefit.


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