Pre-trip Question #2

How will you manage conflict on the trip?  Conflict in your relationship, and conflict with the trip (i.e. wanting to call it quits)?

I think relationship conflict is inevitable.  There will be hard times on this trip.  We will be out of our element pretty regularly, and most likely tired from exhausting travel, etc.  I think we will need to be patient, and kind to each other.  We will need to keep communication open.  And we will need to seek out opportunities to be social with other people.  In my experience, spending time with other travelers can be a great way to unwind the tensions between co-travelers, regardless of their relationship.  

The trip is pretty open-ended.  We’ve talked a lot about going for a year, but if we’re having a really good time, and we aren’t broke, then we could stay longer.  I keep talking about ending up in central america, on a Nicaraguan beach for the last month.  That could be super relaxing and cheap!  But it’s a good question to consider – that someone may want to quit before the other is ready to.  I hope that there will be a very natural end to the trip, where we will both get simultaneously homesick and travel weary enough that we decide to head home… I guess it will be a wait-and-see situation for me.  I don’t want to plan out scenarios where one of us wants to go home, and the other one does not.  I’m hopeful that we would make a decision together so that we can avoid any feelings of resentment.



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