What you said (about our trip)!

I’m very excited for you two!  I don’t think i’m brave enough to be adventurous especially for a year (maybe i could do a month :P).  I think you two will grow even closer if that’s possible.

I want to hear about World Cup craziness down there in the different countries you visit. No other questions for the moment, but I hope you guys have tons of fun and are safe! I’m looking forward to reading your blog posts :)

I am so PROUD and EXCITED for both of you in taking the leap of faith that it takes to make bold life decisions. I am absolutely a proponent of pursuing one’s own passions, beliefs, values, or dreams. I have no “criteria” for what the scale or scope of those personal callings should look like — but I can see when people are excited about something, and I think that’s the stuff that keeps the world hopeful and beautiful, and keeps all people moving and ticking.

When you go backpacking, are there a lot of other people around? You should bring a knife with you, just in case.


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