What do you think you’ll miss the most? What are you excited to leave behind?

I will miss FOOD the most. Flaming Hot Funyuns, Pringles, ranch dressing, Caesar salads, buffalo wings, Kraft singles, Hot Pockets, etc. But… it’s probably a good thing I’ll be separated from all of that for awhile.

I will also miss having all of my things… my knitting, my books, my DVDs, my clothes! How will I survive without it all? I also have this complex where I feel the need for back-ups… If I’m a month away from running out of shampoo, I need to go and buy some more, because I hate the thought of running out of things. So this will be a problem.

I’ll miss my friends… I have regular lunches and dinners with some friends, and I will miss having that contact. But hopefully, I’ll be able to Facetime or Skype, as well as email and message while I’m down there.

I also think, at times, I’ll really miss a good, hot shower that I can take barefoot without the fear athlete’s foot.

I’m super excited to leave behind all of the poop and pee and blood involved with nursing. The 12 hour shifts can be such a grind. My skin is always breaking out in rashes from the hand sanitizers and soap. And sometimes, work just sucks. So it’ll be nice not to have to worry about that for awhile!

Other than work, there’s not a whole lot I’m excited to leave behind. I really like my life, Seattle, my friends and coworkers… and usually I like work when my patient hasn’t pooed all over the floor. So it’ll be interesting to see how I deal without my creature comforts.


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