What are people saying (about our trip)?

I commend you for having the adventurous curiosity, the courage, and realization that you can only do this while you’re still young, because it’s definitely something that not everyone can do so easily, including myself :)

One word sums up what I think about your trip: JEALOUS.

Our reaction to your doing this trip is entirely positive. We support the idea of you doing something you love while you’re young enough to enjoy it, and we think it’s even better that you’re doing it together.

I applaud your bravery in all ways  (i.e. going there, soliciting feedback et al).  I’m wishing you all good things on your grand adventure.  I feel privileged that you’re taking me along in spirit.

I think that your taking this trip is very brave. Not just because it’s in foreign countries with different languages etc, but because you’re breaking free of the societal “Plan.” You know the Plan: go to college, get a good job, start making money, pay off your loans, keep amassing Things, get a significant other, marry, make babies, keep working, start the kids on the same cycle, retire, die. In a world where the last frontiers have all but been discovered, and every inch of the world is mapped, to be a pioneer no longer means to explore new territories. Today the pioneer is the man who pushes the boundaries of his own life’s possibilities.


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