Pre-trip Question #1

What is your desired outcome?  What questions do you hope to answer?  What insights to you hope to gain?  How do you hope this trip will change you?

I have asked myself the following question many times: when am I most content?  In the rearview, I would say that it’s when I’m traveling.  There are always bad times while traveling, but there’s also something magical and different about it.  Even the worst day can become the best story.  So, how do I feel about travel when I take it to the extreme?  Will it still be as important to me as it is today?

I feel like this trip will be a chance to reset.  I want to improve my physical and mental health, and I hope that removing myself from the stresses of a 40 hr/week job will go a long way towards achieving that.  I also want to reevaluate my career path.  I hope that stepping back will allow me to look at my goals with fresh eyes.

I hope to strengthen my relationship with Sheena.  I feel that we are stronger than ever, but this trip presents an opportunity to get to know each other in new ways.  I think there will be challenges, but I believe we will push through those and be better off because of them.



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